About Us

Saikripa Techno Services (SKTS) was founded in 2009 to focus on web development needs of small to medium-sized businesses. Saikripa Techno Services began with a vision to connect people and businesses from around the world into a community that could work seamlessly together regardless of location and personnel.

Within three years of Web Designing and completing many websites, from simple brochure sites to more complex and integrated sites, Saikripa Techno Services continues to be known as a leader in technology and systems that gives their clients the tools they need to promote growth and structure to their business in an ever changing economic atmosphere.

Domain name is your unique identity on the internet. We offer over 380 top level extensions for you to choose from.

At SKTS, we provide our customers with exclusive web hosting services at competitive prices. With our vast experience in web hosting and designing, we try to create an ideal balance between web design and web development of your website.

We also provide Professional, faster and safer business email ids with various features such as Customizable mail box quota, 50MB attached size, Advanced mail monitoring, Mail groups and Catch all.

Also we provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website for improving the visibility of a website in search engines via the unpaid search results.

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