FAQ - Domain Name

  1. Who should choose Business-Mail and why?

  2. Business-Mail is the right email solution for you if you are looking for a branded mailing solution to support your organizations email communication requirements. With Business-Mail , you get the flexibility of creating POP3 E-mail ID's for your employees and also the use of "Webmail Interface" like Yahoo or Hotmail.

  3. What is a catchall Email Id / Unlimited Aliasing?

  4. A catchall email Id is the one that will receive emails sent to all those email-ids on your domain that do not exist. It will act as a cover for all those spelling mistakes in local parts (aliases) that a sender makes while sending emails at your domain.

  5. What is my mailbox quota?

  6. With SKT email hosting solutions you can set your own mailbox size limit or quota using the domain control panel provided to you.

  7. What is SPAM?

  8. SPAM consists of unsolicited/unwanted email messages, which are sent to a recipient against his/her will. SPAM most commonly includes bulk commercial email, which is sent to multiple email address for the purpose of advertising a product or service with a common subject and message body. SPAM doesn't always mean bulk email but anything that is objectionable to the recipient.

  9. What are Auto-Responders?

  10. Autoresponders respond automatically to mail received at certain addresses. For example, you can set an autoresponder to automatically deliver a file containing information on your company's products when a customer sends a request to products@yourcompany.com. You can configure auto-responders to deliver immediate information to customers in a timely manner.


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